We continue to operate a zero waste to landfill policy where we control the destination of our waste – namely at our UK head office and distribution centre.

The zero waste to landfill goal has enabled us to partner with waste management firms who place value on reducing environmental impact and we have increased our recycling rates as a result. For example recycling rates at our UK DC have now reached 93%.

The vast majority of our stores are located within shopping centres and although we encourage the segregation and recycling of all store waste, the final destination of this waste is dependent on the waste contracts the landlord has in place. In our stores that are located in high street locations we manage the waste we set recycling guidance for stores to adhere to store recycling rates currently sit at about 70%.

We always aim for a process of continual improvement in waste disposal, identifying individual waste streams and improved disposal methods. For example we have recently moved to a new method of disposal for the unwanted cardboard boxes at our UK DC. Instead of baling these for recycling as per standard industry practice, the boxes are now removed and sold as second hand to other organisations. This maximises their value both financially (as they have more value sold as usable items) and environmentally, as the energy and water required to recycle them is saved.