The?majority of our clothing and accessories is made by third party suppliers in Turkey, India, and China. To ensure we work with the best suppliers, ethical and quality assessment starts during product development stages and no orders are placed unless factories meet our minimum criteria.

Our Factories:

Our factory base is split into multiple Tiers to help us work effectively to assess and support improvement down the supply chain.

Tier 1 - Factories that manufacture our products

Tier 2 - Factories that provide specialist value added services including embroidery, printing and washing to our Tier 1 factories.

Tier 3 – Factories that manufacture components (e.g. Trims, Labels).

This year we plan to integrate SuperResponsible40 assessment criteria for Direct Suppliers to ensure they are set up to support us in delivering our goals in line with our phased roll our plan for Organic Cotton and Renewable Electricity.

Raw Materials and Identifying Opportunities for Sustainable Sources:

We have established processes to regularly measure and evaluate the raw materials we use most to make our great products, so we can identify where we can have the greatest sustainability impact by focussing our resources effectively.

We are starting our journey with Cotton, which is the largest single material we buy. We have committed to converting all our cotton apparel to organic cotton by 2040

Read more on SuperResponsible40

Animal Welfare

At Superdry, we believe that it is never acceptable to harm animals in the manufacture of our clothing and accessories.

  • We use both down and synthetic fillers in our outerwear. All down from Autumn Winter 2017 is certified in line with the Responsible Down Standard (“RDS”) to ensure that down and feathers come from animals that have not been subjected to unnecessary harm.
  • Superdry is a Fur Free brand. We do not use fur in our products and have processes in place to ensure fur is not substituted in our products during the production process.
  • Superdry has banned animal testing.

Animal Welfare Policy

Further detail on our approach to animal welfare and conservation of biodiversity is available through our animal welfare policy which forms a part of our terms and conditions with our suppliers.

Download our Animal Welfare Policy