At Superdry, we produce high-quality, contemporary products with a key focus on design detail, quality standards, end-to-end innovation and value for money.

Our clothes and accessories are strongly linked to our brand values, of which sustainability is one. For us this means:



Best supporting our colleagues while extending our values to support people operating in our supply chain and within our local and wider communities

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Making great products sustainably

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Protecting our planet by using resources sustainably

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In 2017 we finalised our group-wide sustainability framework - central to which are our SuperResponsible40 goals.

These are three targeted and intentionally challenging goals represent where we as a business can have the greatest impact in producing the best product sustainably, in protecting our planet and in supporting our people.

We set these goals out following comprehensive consultation with our Board, industry experts, colleagues and suppliers.

As part of this process, we mapped our impacts within our business and supply chains including footprint of raw materials bought across our product range. When mapping out our impacts, we seriously considered how we can positively impact the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure SuperResponsible40, and our wider sustainability activities contribute to their achievement.

In 2015 countries adopted the Sustainable Development Goals with the aim of ending poverty,?protecting the planet?and?ensuring?prosperity for all?as part of a?new sustainable development agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years.

At Superdry, we intend to do our part in delivering against significant milestones through our sustainability strategy?and SuperResponsible40 Goals. All milestones link back to the SDGs, and we will continue to report our progress against these milestones as we deliver our strategy.

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