Our People

The unique entrepreneurial and innovative culture which defines our heritage continues to be at the heart of our ways of working.

Our colleagues bring our brand to life and the success of the Group is a direct result of their knowledge, skills, drive, passion and enthusiasm, wherever they are in the world. We have consistently created and maintained an environment where colleagues can flourish and fulfil their potential. For the first time in our history we have defined a set of values in collaboration with 60 colleagues from every corner of our business. Our six values have really struck a chord with everyone who comes into contact with our business giving us real assurance of our strong culture, beliefs and ways of working. True to our innovative culture, we share the story of our values through a genuine set of product care labels because these are the things we care about the most.

4,800 people (including part-time colleagues) across the UK, Europe, US and Asia now make up the Superdry family. Colleague numbers will continue to grow in the coming year as we continue our growth strategy.

Our SuperSay group-wide engagement survey is in its fourth year and colleagues once again reinforced our view that Superdry is a very attractive place to work. In our 2018 survey, colleagues gave us a Trust Index of 73, an improvement of 1 percentage point on 2017. This year we launched Workplace – an internally secure social media tool (similar to Facebook). Workplace has further enhanced the relationship we have with our colleagues across the world; connecting them together digitally as one Superdry family and giving the tools to share knowledge, experience and great stories at the touch of a button.

Sharing in our success is something that we value highly and in 2017 we launched The Founder Share Plan. Through the generosity of our two founders Julian Dunkerton and James Holder, every colleague has the opportunity to share in our success when the plan matures in 2020. Our UK colleagues also have the opportunity to join the SAYE and BAYE share schemes. Our demand for future talent continues to grow, driving a need to both attract new people to the business and develop those already in-post. Through our award-winning Superdry Academy, our suite of tools and learning opportunities equip colleagues with the agility and skills to drive the Group forward and offer them rewarding careers. The ongoing review of talent across the business has enabled us to identify colleagues rich in our brand DNA, and experience with the skills to support business development in new territories. This review is conducted twice a year giving us real line-of-sight of our future talent demands, existing pipeline of supply, as well as planning future succession.

Looking ahead our people focus will continue to be on how we recruit and retain the right talent, together with a strategy to develop our colleagues ahead of our growth curve.


At Superdry we pride ourselves on our diverse and inclusive culture.

Centred around our six core values, which define the way we do things round here, our employees wholeheartedly agree that Superdry is a great place to work, where you can be yourself and feel fairly treated. Equality and diversity are fundamental values to us and our SuperSay engagement survey scores are world class in this category. We have an equal opportunities policy and take our responsibilities under that policy seriously. In addition, we give full and fair consideration to applications for employment by disabled people. In the event of an employee becoming disabled, every effort would be made to ensure that their employment with us continues and that appropriate training is arranged as necessary.

We believe in respecting individuals and their rights in the workplace. With this in mind, specific policies are in place covering harassment and bullying, whistleblowing and equal opportunities. Our colleagues represent a wide and diverse workforce from all backgrounds, sexual orientations, nationalities and ethnic and religious groups. With continued overseas expansion, the workforce is becoming even more diverse. We respect cultural differences and actively seek to learn about them in each territory in which we operate.

We recognise the benefits of encouraging diversity across all areas of the Group and believe that this contributes to our continued success. All appointments are made based on merit and are measured against specific objective criteria including the skills and experience needed for the position.

The sharing of our Gender Pay Gap Report is the next step in our diversity conversation and in ensuring equality. The gender pay gap is calculated using the approach required by the regulations and compares the difference in the average pay of men and women. Like many organisations we currently have a gender pay gap, which we would of course aspire not to have. While this is largely driven by the wider society norm that men are more likely to be in senior roles, we are keen to understand and address the reasons for it within our business. The gender pay reporting measures are very different from equal pay comparisons of the amounts paid to men and women for the same, similar or equivalent work. We are confident that our approach to pay means that we do not allow unequal pay to exist within our organisation. We do however recognise that the gender pay gap figures shown here demonstrate that our most senior roles, and therefore those with the highest rates of pay, are largely filled by men and we therefore need to improve diversity in our most senior job levels.

Our Suppliers' People

We work closely with suppliers, factories, local experts, auditors and multi-stakeholder organisations to ensure our suppliers’ people work in fair and safe conditions that respect human rights.

Our factories (Tiers 1, 2 and 3) provide jobs to over 131,931 people globally – 57% are women, 43% are men.

Our Ethical Trading Code of Practice represents our baseline requirement, working alongside local law to ensure a minimum standard of protection is afforded to all people in our supply base, in all countries. Our Code of Practice aligns with the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code (“ETI Basecode”) which in turn is based on international standards including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation’s Core Conventions on Labour Standards.

Following recommendations set out by the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, our ethical trading programme aims to ensure:

  1. Respect: We maintain accurate benchmark information on factory conditions in line with our Ethical Trading Code of Practice.
  2. Remedy: Where we find issues we support factories to make improvements with the aim of providing decent work and economic growth (SDG 8) to all people operating in our Supply Chain.

Our ethical trading team remains an integral component of the sourcing team. This enables us to link ethical trading strategy with our sourcing priorities and provide effective feedback on factory conditions. Independence is maintained through regular reporting mechanisms to the Transformation Director, Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.