Making great products sustainably starts with our commitment to make our products in fair and safe conditions, to minimise environmental impacts and to ensure we use materials sourced in line with our strict standards for animal welfare.

The majority of our work here is focussed on our supply chain – starting off by selecting the right suppliers to work with, and then working closely with supply chain partners to ensure they continue to meet our strict ethical standards.

We are members of multiple international and local multi-stakeholder platforms including the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), and have adopted their Base Code as our Code of Practice.

We have dedicated global local sourcing offices – with established ethical, quality, merchandising and sourcing teams who work closely with factories to ensure that they are working to strict Superdry quality and ethical standards and deliver consistently high quality product. Further information on our approach in working with our supply chain to maintain fair and safe working conditions is provided in our Supply Chain section.

Our 100% Organic Cotton goal brings in additional opportunities to extend our impacts through our supply chain to farm level, and to work closely with our design and garment technology teams to champion Organic Cotton with our suppliers.?We are working hard to maximise our impacts and visibility through our supply chain, to ensure that we achieve our goal sustainably. Further detail is provided in the 100% Organic Cotton section.